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Editor’s Note: Learn more about Bike Party in our post from October here.

We like bikes. We also like parties, and we really love just about anything with Pirates (and dinosaurs FYI). Last weekend San Diego Bike Party brought their rolling circus to the beach with a Pirate-themed group ride that started just outside Belmont Park’s Draft bar.

Sd Bike PartyWe rolled up into a sea of blinking red lights about 15 minutes before the crew set sail. About 55+ people had the same idea that spending Friday night on a bike was a good idea. Bike Party is an easy to intermediate ride. Despite being almost 11 miles, with multiple stops the ride is accessible to anyone riding a bike. It’s one of the most inclusive night rides we’ve been on. We saw a girl on a DecoBike wearing a superman cape. A man in full Pirate costume rocking “the brightest light on Amazon.” There were little kids on training wheels with their families, cool hipsters on fixies, swagged out cruisers and the piece de resistance, a bike outfitted with an FM stereo linked up to an actual pirate radio station. Pretty effing Pirate.

Being in costume isn’t required to Bike Party, but it does make things more fun. We headed out promptly at 8. We immediately hit a slough of sand over the path, and the pirate radio signal was in and out. Challenges only make the journey more rewarding. By the time we cruised around the tip of Point Medanos we had recovered rolling as one onto the Mission Bay Path. A crew of whooping pirates following a cruiser with the Skull & Crossbones unfurling in a self-made breeze behind it.

Sd Bike Party

The first “party” stop was at Bahia Point. A break to regroup, listen to music and meet some other riders. The riders of the Bike Party events are enthusiastic but there is a definite need for some more music power. Anyone with some engineering skills or an idea for mounting functional speakers on a bike or trailer please reach out to bike party.

Sd Bike PartyBack on the path we rolled off into the night. The bay path was a little foggy, and the condensation sat wet and cool in the air. At one point it really felt like we could be pirates. There is something about San Diego at night that is magical. Lights reflecting off the bay, the view of Downtown and cruising along with a raucous crew of bike loving pirates made for a great Friday night.

We peeled off near Crown Point Shores for another SoCal Sessions engagement, but the crew looped back in a big circle through Pacifc Beach towards Crystal Pier before turning ship southward back to Belmont Park.

Bike Party is a monthly ride. The next route and ride theme is under construction. Ideas? Want to get involved? Shoot a message directly to SD Bike Party on Facebook.

Sd Bike Party

Sd Bike Party Sd Bike Party Sd Bike Party