This week our Editor-In-Chief was invited on the ThreeBZine podcast. Click play above to listen in. Shout out to our film “Night Rider” at the 1:38:00 mark!

Going on a podcast is terrifying. At least I thought it would be. You have to talk for a long time with strangers, and then if you listen to it later you have to hear your own voice. Nobody likes their own voice. Except maybe Alec Baldwin or Morgan Freeman (and rightfully so with those two).

ThreeBZine PodcastThe guys from ThreeBZine, Cody, Dustin and Tom, invited me to sit in on their most recent “podding” session. I accepted, mostly because they seemed like cool dudes, and I recent saw Dustin’s band Old Tiger rock the shit out of The Hideout in Normal Heights. ThreeBZine podcasts have a baseline of talking about Beer, Bands & local Bites (the three B’s), and then usually beer again. It’s a loose guideline. The conversations weave and wander.

When I walked into the the secret lair of the ThreeBZine podcast the mics & laptop were already set up. My first thought was, “Shit, what have I gotten myself into?” My second thought was, “I hope they like the beer I brought.” It was Deschutes Jubelale. We did introductions, and then hopped right into it.

ThreeBZine isn’t a live show which took a little pressure off. Cody is the de facto host but these guys work as a team. They riff off each other, and let the conversations flow naturally. It would have made just as much sense to have the conversation at the corner of any pub in town, but instead they have it with live mics in front of them.

I wasn’t sure how I would fit in as a fourth voice, but they made it easy on me by starting off with some softball questions. Then the conversation turned to beer industry mergers, and like Frank from “Old School” I think I blacked out. I remember I kept mentally telling myself “Shut up! You’re talking to much.” But no one seemed to get mad when I blathered on. I remember lots of laughter, some possibly incriminatingly embarrassing revelations and some some serious Hi-5 level positivity going on.

And like the blink of an eye it was over. I was a podcast virgin no longer. I’m not sure what made me so nervous in the first place, but it was one more “I never thought I’d…” experiences to add to the growing list of things I’ve been lucky enough to do since we launched SoCal Sessions.

Thanks to Cody, Dustin and Tom for being great hosts, plying me with delicious beer and not kicking me out the door a few minutes in. Check out if you like beer, bites, bands and just SoCal culture in general. Plus, Tom runs a great beer blog Hoptology (and we hear he’s pretty serious on UnTapped too). If you get the chance to see Old Tiger live…do it.