On Valentine’s Day, The Merrow hosted a Pink BoomBox zombie themed burlesque show. We sent photographer Thornton Dale to the event. Credit to him for being willing to take on an alternative to the Valentine’s tradition of chocolate, flowers and Hallmark. Credit to the Merrow for stepping outside the mainstream to offer that alternative. Check out The Merrow website for more information about events and their commitment to art in the community. Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School sounds like something we’ll be showing up to soon. Check out Thornton’s experience below. 

“The show was post-apocalyptic themed and there were a few dancers that really fucking nailed it. One of the two performances that stood out to me was this dancer dripping an I.V. blood bag all over herself while dancing on a tarp. She really went for it with the blood and really made a cool show out of it. One other performance really terrified me and was the closest to giving me a “scared-boner” or whatever the fuck the flyer promised it would do. There was a gypsy/vampire hybrid wearing fangs and crazy contact lenses with blood dripping out of her eyes. She won first place in my book for her terrifying makeup.

Happy Valentine’s Day.” -Thornton Dale

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