Fede “Fred”, 42

Fede is a graphic designer & the proprietor of Hoppy Beer Hoppy Life beer lifestyle brand. Started way back in 2012 HBHL paved the way for influx of beer lifestyle brands you can choose from today. We met him at Heroes Brewfest, a super hero themed beer fest during Comic Con weekend. He and his lovely wife were manning a booth with their gear nestled in between tents serving delicious beer.

SoCal Sessions: Where are you based out of? 
Fede: Originally from Mexico, but now out of San Diego.

SoCal Sessions: And how long have you been bearded?
Fede: A little bit now, 5-6 years.

SoCal Sessions: What would your Desert Island beer be (1 beer for the rest of your life)?
Fede: Well my palate keeps changing, but I’d say something from Ninkasi [Brewing] I really like the Domination one
SoCal Sessions: Total Domination [IPA].
Fede:  Yeah, that one.


(As usual we were drinking when we met this Random Bearded Man. We apologize for any paraphrasing.)



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