The Quartyard SD, Downtown San Diego

Last February we met Matt at the Ninkasi Zombie Pub Crawl. Matt was a cool dude. And standing next to him was a clean-shaven gent (also cool but less handsome obviously) who was pissed because only recently had he shaved off his beard which he claimed was much more epic than Matt’s.

rbm-james-1Fast-forward to Tuesday November 10th. We’re hanging out at the Breckenridge Brewing/Never Summer Industries event at Quartyard SD. We see a glorious beard off in the distance and approach cautiously. Never sneak up on a bearded man. Just don’t.

“Excuse me,” we say and Holy SHIT! It’s the dude from the Zombie Crawl who was STANDING NEXT TO MATT! What are the fucking odds.

Either way his beard is back to Epic Status just in time for the harsh SoCal winter. Just look at that photo. He really is that blurry & only his beard seems to be in focus when you see him!

James is a beer industry guy working with Craft Beer Guild. He’s been rocking a full beard (with occasional shaves to rebuild) since he was 18 years old. When asked how the ladies have responded to his beard he responded, “Very positively. No complaints.”

James. Nice beard brother.


As a random bearded man Joshua received one of our sweet
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