We met up with local SoCal Adventurer, Environmental Activist & seemingly happy dude Rob Greenfield, for a walk and a chat near the beach recently. Our conversation veered all over the place from his past adventures, life in the tiny house, a tv show he has coming out on Discovery Channel, religion, politics and all those things you should talk about with someone you just meet.

Rob has done some pretty wild things including riding a bamboo bicycle across the U.S., gone off the grid living in a tiny (really tiny) home in San Diego, and traveled abroad with nothing but his passport with the goal of traveling and making it home. All the while spreading his message of living happier, healthier and free.

Finally, he provided us with some suggestions for making our 2016 happier, healthier and better than ever.

Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness

Three BIG Things

  1. Sell Your Car

    Ride Your Bike In 2016This one is a bit extreme, but sell your car. Ride only a bike or take Car2Go, the electric car-share program if you need it. And, if you can’t sell your car, just ride your bike and take Car2Go more.

    That’s that’s the biggest way to simplify your life. The average American spends $7,000 a year on their car. Which means, the first two (working) months of the year the average person spent paying their car and car-related expenses.

    You could take January & February off of every year! Or you could have a car.

  2. Get Rid Of Your TV T.V. Getting rid of the T.V. is a mind & life-altering thing. It’s just, no more commercials being programmed into your head that you don’t want. It reduces the amount of negativity in your life with news and programs you don’t watch. It, largely, forces you to get outside.
  3. Eat More Fruits & Veggies

    The other tSalad and Fruithing that has made me the most happy is eating a lot more fruits and vegetables, and a lot less animal products. It’s almost like what you could get rid of is animal product, meat, dairy, cheese and eat just a lot more fruits and vegetables.

    Any doctor in the entire world will tell you that more vegetables and fruit is good for you. And, pretty much any doctor will tell you that over-eating meat and animal products is not good for you. I’m not necessarily saying go vegan or vegetarian, but eating a lot more fruits & vegetables and less meat is something I’d suggest for health, for mental clarity and also it’s the single best thing you can do for the environment as far as reducing your impact.

    None of those three are necessarily super easy ones…

One Small Thing

  1. Get Rid of the Microwave

    Get rid of your microwave. What that does is it forces you to eat healthier typically. You can’t do your packaged meals, freezer meals very easily. It kind of forces you to cook and eat whole foods. [It forces you to] Go to the store and actually buy potatoes and bake those instead of buying frozen french fries.

    That was a huge game changer for me. I would say you could keep it for the sake of the few things it’s really needed for, or you could go with all the benefits that you can get from not having one. You don’t need a microwave for anything. You can boil a pot of water.

SoCal Sessions: What about one thing that will just make us happier

Rob: I think riding a bike is going to make you happier. I find that I’m so much happier on a bike than in a car. It was about six months ago I realized that I don’t use the word hate anymore. I don’t “hate’ things. The main reason is that I’m not in traffic. I hated life when I was in traffic! It made me hate so many things. And when you’re on a bike you cruise through the traffic! 

Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness

Rob Greenfield BlogRob does some things the normal person might think are extreme, but ultimately his messages are universal. Try to live a life that “benefits the Earth, your community and yourself.” You don’t need go as extreme as he does to start living a happier, healthier and freer life right now.

Check out robgreenfield.tv/ for a ton of content on how to change your life even a little.

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