We’re always looking for people following their creative entrepreneurial path into the unknown. Brandon Bauer of the board storage company Royal Racks is one such individual. We’ve actually known Brandon for some time and been able to see behind the curtain a bit as he has pursued his dream of launching Royal Racks relentlessly for several years. As they officially offer their product up to the world at large we wanted to find out more about the Royal Racks Leader, his passion for board sports and why we need his gear.

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Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness
SoCal Sessions: Let’s get right too it. What is a Royal Rack & why do we want one?

Brandon Bauer: Royal Racks is actually the Brand, the Gnar Bar is the board rack for your walls.  Royal Racks is a company that was built on the passion to create the most versatile, durable, and long-lasting board rack on the market. You want one because the first priority of the product was strength, while the influence of art and creativity allows it to be a piece of wall art.

The Gnar Bar Collection is a universal rack to store snow or skateboards, while it is also a conversation piece, an expression of the lifestyle itself.

Royal Racks Gnar Bar collection

SoCal Sessions: You offer three versions of the Royal Rack at three different price points. Is the only difference in materials? Why would I want to go above The O.G. model?

Brandon: That is correct, we offer the OG, (original), Natural, and Professional. All racks have the same function, but each offer their own blend of materials and style. 

The OG is your minimalist design offering plastic components that will get the board out of the corner, and on the wall. The OG is the Original proof of concept, the others that follow tailor to a sense of creativity and style. The Natural offers a stylish and unique platform to display your board, and the Professional is your “top of the line” rack. The free flowing wood grains of the Natural, matched with anodized aluminum components, are a cross of style and strength in one. The Professional is your “All Elements” board rack, every component is 6061 Aluminum with a sexy anodized finish. This one is good from the salt and heat of the west coast, to the ice and rain on the east.

Brandon Bauer ceo and leader of Royal Racks

SoCal Sessions: Royal Racks didn’t just spring up overnight. How long have you been working on this & what drove you to keep going?

Brandon: It certainly did not, Royal Racks has been as much of a personal development chapter as it has been learning the world of manufacturing and finance. This “seed” was planted in the neighborhood of 3 years ago, an idea had been turned into a physical prototype, but very little knowledge or know how on what to do next. I found that for me, it was realizing that my success was to be determined by my personal development, if I wanted to create something great, I had to be great. Leaving the party lifestyle behind, opening books, exploring nature, observing art, and the sheer want to know more has got me to where I am now.  

But what kept me going aside from having my face in books of personal development, human energy, finance, and business? 

The Gnar Bar Collection by Royal RacksTravel, Art, and people. Dedicating my life to this idea has been a personal endeavor and sometimes it was all I saw. When I was able to get in my car and travel on the road, I was inspired. I was inspired by the motivated people of the world who do what they desire or what they are passionate about, at all costs, no fear. Seeing this, talking with people who DON’T have the chance to follow passion, as well as learning art and culture, has created an underlying burning desire to live a life of passion, and one of true meaning.  

Starting a company from a product I invented is awesome, engaging with the people in the communities and operating a business built on creativity, passion, love, and values, is the biggest reward. It’s a unique world we live in right now, we plan to share the fun that our lifestyle entails with the world around us.

High fives and positive vibes!

SoCal Sessions: What inspired the design of your board racks? Are there new designs in progress?

Royal Racks Gnar Bar in UseBrandon: The idea was in my head to hang a board vertically, but I had not found out how to do this physically until I was observing how everything functioned around me. It was then that one day I was observing how a window curtain rod was shaped, and how it functioned. The Gnar Bar concept was born right there by taking 2 tubes of pvc, buying some clay, and connecting some hinges one the ends of the tubes in the shape of a “V” to pinch the boards. From there it was a matter of learning materials, foam, rubber, plastic, wood, aluminum, etc. We started from the point of contact of the board and worked backwards from there, hundreds of hours of research, development, and prototypes provided us with the know how to make a superior product.

The Gnar Bar Collection is the foundation for a lot of creativity in the future, we are more than just a rack company.

SoCal Sessions: Can we get a custom-designed board rack? 

Brandon: If you play your cards right. haha

Custom racks will be a fun outlet for Royal Racks, we hope to build on our current selection by working with creators, artists, shops, and community groups to offer something that aligns with every interest. 

Royal Rack Founder and CEO Brandon Bauer at Dew Tour

SoCal Sessions: “We live the lifestyle…” is something you mention on your website. What board sports are at the heart of you & Royal Racks. How else do you live the lifestyle?

Brandon: I would say snowboarding is for sure the sport in my heart, as well as was the initial goal of Royal Racks. For me snowboarding provides a connection to the outdoors mixed with man made object that creates endless fun and memories with friends and strangers alike. Being the main focus for the company early on, we were able to create a rack that is built for a snowboard, but can handle the other boards in the off-season for training.  

I ride a longboard almost every day to go fast and take chances, I am even learning some fancy foot work on it. As for the short board, I enjoy mini ramp sessions with BBQs, music, and good people.

The lifestyle for me is about the people and sights involved with the outdoors, hiking, camping, painting, passion, adventure, music, traveling, laughing, nature’s beauty, healthy food, yoga, meditation, and just being a positive influence to the people and world around me. We are all creative in our own way. I think life is about finding and embracing that “way”.

Close up of Royal Rack Gnar BarSoCal Sessions: What’s the long-term goal for Royal Racks? 

Brandon: We aim to give the people in our industry an outlet for the lifestyle we live, we will do this by joining an already thriving community of artists, shops, riders, and brands. Listening to the people of this community will provide us with the resources to create and share projects of creativity, function, and lifestyle. 

Thank you to those who have been a part of the Royal Racks vision from the start, and to those future supporters who share our desire to give back to the people that built this lifestyle that is so freaking RAD! 

SoCal Sessions: Cool. Thanks for the time Brandon. We’re stoked to get our hands on one of these and take it for a test run.

Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness

Check out Royal Rack’s for more information on the Gnar Bar & product details. Check back here soon for a full-on rack review.

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