Rugged Monkey Beard Comb
$13.57 – 19.99 on Amazon

Our Rugged Monkey Beard Comb showed up packed in a burlap sack with the direction to “Unleash the animal inside…” We decided to start with just running it through our beard. Yep. Success. Worked like a comb.

rugged-monkey-beard-comb-1The Rugged Monkey Beard Comb (RMBC) is made from wood and is solid. It has a heft that conveys strength. I immediately drop it to the ground from a height of about five feet. Sure enough, not even a nick. It is about the width & length of a credit card, but thicker. Perfect fit in a back pocket if you feel the need to carry it with you.

The RMBC is double-sided with a set of fine teeth on one side, and an even finer set on the other. It would be nice if there was a bigger variation in order to catch different size tangles. Our beard gets pretty gnarly, and sometimes you need a big fat comb just to get through once before fine-tuning. When held in your hand RMBC kind of looks like an old-timey microphone. We have to admit to busting out a few 50’s soul ballads into it while brushing our beard in front of the mirror this morning.

Rugged Monkey Beard Comb Review
Before & After

The teeth themselves feel strong despite being thin wood cuts. We didn’t brush our beard for a few days to prepare for this review, but RMBC slides through our beard tangles easily, and without actually “pulling” hairs out. We’re left with a smooth, shapely beard that would look good under a bowler hat, with a flannel or even three-piece suit.

Rugged Monkey Beard Comb Review

It’s made from a darkish wood that appears to be stained & sealed somehow, but it could just be the natural woodgrain. The seal is nice because it doesn’t seem like it will get stained by beard oils or balms we might be using. The brand name “RUGGED MONKEY” is debossed between the comb teeth. In point of sale listings they specifically note a that if something is going to be close to your nose it should smell good. While the listing says it “…transports you to a tropical forest” we just smell wood & burlap. That’s not a bad thing, but it certainly isn’t a tropical forest.

Lightning Bolts of AwesomenessThe Rugged Monkey Beard Comb get’s Four Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness. It is well crafted & solid. It is a higher price than some other beard combs we’ve used, but at the lower Amazon price is more than fair. It seems built to last no matter how gnarly your beard gets. The fine tooth comb teeth smoothly pull through tangles, and definitely help when shaping your beard. It is a classy piece to add to any Beardsman’s collection.

Rugged Monkey Beard Comb Review Rugged Monkey Beard Comb Review