You can see full event schedule & tickets here. We suggest the Nautilus Pass. This is one of those events you regret not going to everything. We don’t say that just because the Misfits are good people, but because it’s true!

San Diego Surf Film Festival is back in 2016. A collection of artist exhibits, film, good beer & good vibes, it is one of those events you can be sure to find us. For the first time it will be hosted in the new Misfit HQ in La Jolla. Fest founders, Pierce & Petra Kavanagh (Misfit Pictures), have been working on Misfit HQ hard for some time, and it is finally coming to fruition.

Last year we were blown away by the fest both in the experience & the quality of films so we’re even more stoked for this years. We caught up with Pierce & Petra to find out what they’ve been up too, how SDSFF 2016 is going to be different.

Check out our recap from 2015’s San Diego Surf Film Fest here.

Surfer Watching the Surf in La Jolla, California
This guy has been waiting for SDSFF 2016 since last year.

Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness

SoCal Sessions: SDSFF is back for 2016! We’re stoked. You’re stoked. What’s going to be different? What’s going to be the same?

Pierce & Petra: As far as different, we’ve expanded the schedule from 4 to 11 days so there will be a lot more involved this year. We are opening our own venue which gives us an opportunity to screen movies multiple times, slow the pace down a bit and offer a more personal experience for every attendee.

As far as same, the stoke-meter should be maxed out again!

We will offer the best in international surf cinema, filmmakers in attendance, special tributes and presentations, industry-leading workshops, live art presentations, incredible music…the list goes on.

San Diego Surf Film Festival Submissions

SoCal Sessions: More people are creating more video content than ever (over 300 hours uploaded to YouTube per minute. It stands to reason more people are making surf/culture films.  What makes the films accepted to SDSSF stand out?

P&P: The SDSFF puts a strong emphasis on narrative-driven films in deciding what makes it into the festival. Films with a strong narrative, cultural awareness and incredible cinematography are the ones that do really well with us.
In 2016, we will receive over 100 submissions but only be able to screen a quarter of those films so the bar is set extremely high. But that then translates into a top-notch experience for our viewers.  We have become one of the largest and well-respected surf film festivals in the world and we don’t take that lightly.

San Diego Surf Film Festival
Nikki Engel ripping.

SoCal Sessions: You guys were on the road a lot in 2015. How does travel influence your own art/film/photography/etc? Best 2015 travel experience?

P&P: Yes, we are highly nomadic and barely stay in one spot for too long. For me, travel is the most amazing educator out there and I’m pretty sure my wife thinks the same way. (or, I’m in trouble…) Everything I do is focused on improvement. And by getting out there and creating, learning and sharing with others it makes it that much easier to hone your craft whatever that may be. Secondly, getting yourself out of your comfort zone opens up a lot of possibilities that will feed your soul as well as your art.

Best travel experience has been driving the back roads of the entire state of California this year. One trip in particular took us camping up north and had us sleeping underneath the jaw-dropping milky way in Yosemite and Big Sur. Get out there.


San Diego Surf Film FestivalSoCal Sessions: Will there be beer at this years SDSFF?

What kind of question is that? From you, of all people.

Yes, most definitely…there will be beer (It’s Duck Foot Brewing Co). Who’s your favorite right now?

SoCal Sessions: Top 5 consistently right now: Modern Times, Duck Foot, Tusk & Grain (St. Archer), Automatic & Karl Strauss. Anything else?

P&P: Thanks and Bottoms Up!

Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness

San Diego Surf Film Festival

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Get ready some those good vibes by going out and surfing.

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