After a long day of bike riding, beer drinking and general shenanigans I found myself at Seaweed & Gravel in Leucadia. It’s a small shop with clothing, motorcycles, accessories and gear. They have the feel of an indie shop with high quality goods, and more importantly, on Small Business Saturday, they had cans of beer to share and live music from Cleopatra Degher in the back. Which is pretty badass.

Located right off the N Coast Hwy S & G has a modern man’s D.I.Y. and fuck it if you aren’t into it vibe. The kind of place you’d shop if you are a motorcycling lumberjack who still appreciates style. Small Business Saturday is a promotional event held nationwide to encourage customers to shop locally, and not online or at big box stores. Ironically, the event was originally conceived and promoted by American Express in 2010. But that doesn’t mean it is without merit. I had a chance for a quick chat with the proprietor, David, Patri, about Small Business Saturday and how his shop fits into the community.


Why should people support Small seaweed and gravel, retail, small business saturday, leucadia, california, socalBusiness Saturday and not [Big Business} Black Friday?

Small business Saturday is all about the community, and we here at Seaweed & Gravel definitely focus in on vintage and American-made goods. So, we re-use, recycle and keep the money here in the community to help keep our community strong. Instead of sending cash overseas [shopping] at the malls.

What is your role in the community?

We kind of bring the community together a lot, A lot of the events we do brings people out. We have bands in the parking lot, we have these little get togethers so people can come be part of something. Leucadia has a tradition of that, but we haven’t had that [in the community] for the past few y ears. There was a lot of that going on in the ’70’s, and we’re trying to bring that back.

What events do you have coming up at SG?

We are having a holiday party on Thursday (Thursday, December 4th)with Crawford Denim. They did a vintner’s shirt with collab with Robert Mondavi. Robert Mondavi wanted to throw a little party for the community to showcase the shirts. It’s like 6-9pm. We have Public Priority House down the road bringing the spirits, and Nicolas Burke is going to play. He’s a singer/songwriter guy.


After chatting I bought a patch, and settled into the back picnic table for a really good show. Cleopatra Degher was singing originals and playing acoustic guitar. Her father joined on electric guitar. She was an obvious talent. The kind of indie, hipster vibe that is easy to let yourself fall in love with. Check out her upcoming show schedule at

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You can find yourself in Seaweed and Gravel at 1144 N. HWY 191, Leucadia, CA or check out their website

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