Wednesday night at Miller’s Field in Pacific beach Kacie was setting up a tent inside. At least it looked like a tent. It popped up she started decorating and flipped the switch on a big square box that started to glow like a beacon of neon light in the corner of the bar. A screen sparkled showing the image the sparkly backdrop of the tent wall. And just that quick, Snap Happy SoCal, a pop-up photo booth was open for business.

Kacie & co-owner Laurie run Snap Happy SoCal. They show up at events, weddings, bars, old folks homes and anywhere else that enjoys a good time. At Miller’s the line to get a strip photos starts building even before she’s finished setting up. They bring along plenty of props & people start to get nutty. They get in the booth, plan their poses & hit the button. Moments later a strip of photos customized with the date, location & bar logo drops out the side and is handed to giggling patrons by a Snap Happy SoCal proprietor. 

Snap Happy SoCal Photo Booth

Next week Snap Happy SoCal is going to be setting up their photo booth at Tiger! Tiger! after Bike Sexy: Undie Bike Ride & Clothing Drive 2. We caught up with Kacie & Laurie to talk about what they do, the appeal of the photo booth & the craziest thing they’ve seen go down in the booth.

SoCalSessions: Snap Happy. What is that & why do we want it at our next event?

Snap Happy: We are an up and coming photo booth company in Southern California! We bring a fun element to any party or event. Basically adults are able to let go and act like kids again! We love what we do.

Snap Happy SoCal Photo Booth
It was Back To The Future Night.

SoCalSessions: When we Google “Snap Happy” a whole lot of photo booths or studios come up. Is this a franchise? What does “Snap Happy” mean to you.

Snap Happy: You could call it a franchise. We have our sister company in Austin, Texas. They are blowing up down there making us proud! Snap Happy means just as it sounds. You could be having the worst day then you step in our booth and boom! All smiles. We see it all the time.

SoCalSessions: How did you get started in the photo-booth business? Were you photographers first?

We saw a good opportunity. We moved to a city where weddings are a common occurrence, so that along with knowing some people in the photo booth business helped get us interested. We owe a lot to our friend and investor who pushed us and believed in us to begin this journey. Thanks KK. Were we photographers? No. but we like taking pictures. (Smiles)

SoCalSessions: What is the craziest thing you’ve seen happen in the booth?

Blow up doll photo bombs? (prop not provided by us)

Snap Happy SoCal Photo Booth
It glows like a beacon of hope.

SoCalSessions: Weddings seem like a no-brainer, but what other types of events have you done or would you like to be doing?

We usually set up every last Friday at Miller’s Field in Pacific Beach. We do anything from baby showers to corporate events to house parties!

SoCalSessions: Can the booth be customized for size or theme?

Yes it can! We provide the backdrop and props based on what theme or color scheme the party is. Our booth can fit up to 10 people.

SoCalSessions: We have incredible cameras on our phones. Everyone knows someone who takes photos at weddings, yet somehow the photo-booth has survived. Why are photo-booths still around?

There is no pressure when you step in a booth. You can dress up in any of our many props and lose yourself in whatever character you want to be. In our booth your are in control. Black and white? You got it. Color? just press the button. It’s up to you when you enter a photo booth.

SoCalSessions: Where can people find you out and about at events or bars in town?

Yes they can! We are frequently at Millers Field. We usually set up every last Friday for Theme Fridays! And of course we will be at the Undie Bike Ride. (Smiles)

SoCalSessions: Anything else you want to add?

Its been a pleasure starting this business in San Diego. The people who come in our photo booth have great energy and their happiness is truly infectious…must be something in the water!

For booking feel free to shoot us an email at or Check out to see some photos from past events!

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