Steve, 31

We ran into Steve this weekend at Clash at Clairmont IX. The Recon Tour BMX bike comp, skate demo and community event to fundraise for Grind For Life. GFL’s goal is to Skate & Destroy Cancer. Make sure to check them out. Back to Steve. Steve has a beard, and we had a sweet Tipsy Elves “Party Like A Patriot” tee to give away AND Beard Coozies.

Steve Random Bearded ManSoCal Sessions: Where are you from? 
Steve: Madison, WI

And what do you do? 
I’m the Sports Marketing Manager for Mongoose (Bike) brand.

How long have you been rocking the beard?
In one way shape or form…probably like 9 years.

It’s not often we run into a Ginger beard…
I don’t like the term Strawberry Blonde or Ginger so I started calling myself a “Fringer.” Trademarked. Copywright. Hashtagged. No, that one doesn’t work. Don’t use that last one.

What is your biggest beard growing achievement?
This. I’m being interviewed for having a beard.

Ha ha, nice. No one has ever said that before! Thanks. What is your Desert Island Beer?
If it were a true hot desert (pause) probably New Belgium Shift or Lakefront Fixed Gear.

Do you “Party like a Patriot”? 
As in with guns? Yes. Minus the guns. I am all three colors of the flag-reddish hair, white skin & blue eyes.

Steve Random Bearded Man
Look at that glorious Fringer!

(For once we were not drinking when we met this Random Bearded Man. We apologize for any paraphrasing anyways.)


As a random bearded man Steve received one of our sweet
“Beer For Glory” koozies!
(Available on

Beard For Glory Koozie

Steve sent us this later. Apparently, he’s best friends with Tony Hawk…or they met in a parking lot. Either one. Probably best friends though.

Steve Random Bearded Man
Fringer & Hawk