Flyer image & letter template from @KellieShayHinze
It’s been an interesting morning. Obviously there is work to be done. Let’s start local and support the styrofoam ban in Encinitas.

You can use the below template letter to encourage council members to vote in favor of the ban. Or write your own letter. Get passionate. Seek to show why you care about the environment you live in.

Send e-mails to:

Dear Mayor and Council,

I am 100% in support of a polystyrene ban in Encinitas, and I appreciate you discussing this item on the agenda tonight. As a regular patron of all types of restaurants in Encinitas I much prefer to-go containers made of sustainable materials since they are better for our precious beaches, wildlife, lagoons, and sea-life. If a restaurant can not afford to make the switch, I would definitely be willing to pay more at a restaurant if they used these containers. This is a great step forward in preserving the environment in Encinitas and I urge you to Vote “Yes” on the ban as soon as possible.

Thank you,