We met Ted at the Craft Beer Summer Kick Off Festival held Memorial weekend in Liberty Station. It was right after he got out of a Human Hamster Ball. Google it. He’s an entrepreneur from Boston originally, but now lives in San Diego. Ted is a random bearded man.

SoCal Sessions: How long have you been wearing the beard?
Ted: I’m new to the beard game. Maybe three months?

SoCal Sessions: What has the response to the new beard been then?
Ted: It’s been overwhelmingly enthusiastic…
Amber (Ted’s Wife): Except for his Mom!
Ted: …but she (Amber) especially loves it.

SoCal Sessions: Do you plan on keeping it?
Ted: Absolutely.

SoCal Sessions: What is your Desert Island Beer?
Ted: Probably Singha Beer. In a bottle because it reminds me of my honeymoon.

(As always we were drinking when we met this Random Bearded Man. We apologize for any paraphrasing)


As a random bearded man Ted received one of our sweet
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Beard For Glory Koozie