No one wants to be called a “Sellout.” I don’t. I didn’t but I’m wondering if I may have been looking at it wrong. Just because someone gets called a sellout doesn’t mean they have sold out. It just means they’ve become successful enough to have a few haters. If you’re following you path and happen to make money more power to you. In my mind a sell out is someone who violates their personal beliefs to make a buck. Don’t do that. Make that money on your terms.

The Berrics posted this interview with Tony Hawk recently. As a kid T.Hawk is the reason I tried to start skating. He was the first non-mainstream star who made me realize there were sports out there besides football, baseball & basketball. In the years since he’s been one of the most marketed action stars, but does that make him a sellout? Is it even bad people are calling him a sellout? Maybe not.

Also, The Berrics is the shit. Great content, great design. Check it out.