When you hang out at the beach as much as we do you run into some interesting people. Some of those people are Tyler and Frank of Two Guys Good Buys. They deal in vintage clothing, and their primary office is on the road.

They are working and living out of the company van hunting down those elusive pieces of gear they know need a second life. When they aren’t dealing in vintage they’re creating new ‘zines and working on their own positive clothing brand. Not to mention posting some killer photos on their Instagram.

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Frank and Tyler ©@TwoGuysGoodBuys

SoCal Sessions: What made you decide to try and work from the road in the first place? Does your rig have a name?

Two Guys Good Buys (2GGB): The decision to work from the road was an easy one. Early on we realized our business could be run almost anywhere. It actually works in our favor, traveling and working on the road exposes us to seemingly endless buying opportunities.

We like to call our rig the ‘Heavy Chevy’. We got it loaded up pretty good.

SoCal Sessions: What has being on the road taught you about your business & business partnership?

2GGB: Working on the road has opened our eyes to a wider spectrum of possibility. It has also taught us about the market we are in. The exposure from east to west is huge, we are able to see first hand where the industry is and where its headed. But, ultimately, the road has reiterated the importance of staying true to ourselves and to what Two Guys Good Buys represents. The Brand and our collection go hand in hand with our lifestyle and story behind it.

Gear for sale from two guys good buys
© @twoguysgoodbuys

We believe in durable clothes that function well and get the job done. Vanlife means packing light, and dependability is something we can all appreciate.

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SoCal Sessions: What is it about vintage gear that appeals to people? 

2GGB: It’s hard to say, but we believe there is an inherent difference between vintage clothing and the mass of clothing being produced nowadays. We think most people can agree that the look, the fit, and the quality of vintage apparel is often better than reproductions found today. The idea of owning an ‘original’ garment from its era can be exciting, its a testament not only to the garment but also the person wearing it. In a way vintage clothing can allow people to feel more unique, and in-tune with their style.

SoCal Sessions: Favorite story or adventure from the road?

2GGB: It’s tough to beat waking up before sunrise in Yosemite Valley, in the Half Dome Village parking lot ready to hike Half Dome with our buddy Matt. Just the day before (while on a 14 mile hike up ‘Clouds Rest’) we received an email stating we won the lottery for a permit to hike Half Dome the next day. That morning, just as the sun was coming up, we left the vans parked in the lot and rode bikes to the trailhead. The hike up Half Dome was nothing short of epic, and a little exhausting at times… 4,800 feet of elevation gain later, we were on top of California’s iconic peak. The day after we hiked Half Dome was Ty’s birthday. We were beat after hiking around 30 miles the previous 2 days. So, we set up hammocks in the valley and drank beer to celebrate.

Big Sur.©@durfskateboards

SoCal Sessions: What does 2017 have in store for you guys? 

2GGB: 2017 is shaping up to be a big year for us. We plan to continue exploring more of the US while buying/selling, networking and growing Two Guys Good Buys. Lately, we’ve been hanging in Southern California, moving between SD, LA and Joshua Tree. We have great friends here and the weather is amazing.

In 2017 we introduced a clothing line in collaboration with our friends at buffalo based @positiveapproach print shop. Our ‘No Place like home” collection is a creative outlet that has allowed us to give the brand a voice of its own outside of the vintage clothing realm.

We are also finalizing our first photo magazine entitled ‘Wayward Bound’. Its a collection of 80+ photographs from travelers we’ve befriended on the road. We wanted to create a hard copy zine to share something tangible with others. It will be available this Spring 2017.

After SoCal we’ll most likely head North. Plans are fluid, options are open. 

Wayward Bound Zine by Two Guys Good Buys
Photo from Wayward Bound Zine ©@DoSomeThingCool

SoCal Sessions: Do you have a favorite piece vintage gear you’ve found?

Frank-I have a Pendleton shirt that has been my favorite piece for a while now. Not because it is a rare find but because I wear it often. It’s simple, functional and keeps me warm. 

Tyler-There are so many, I truly enjoy almost every piece we encounter. One favorite of mine surfaced early on and has served as fuel to continue the hunt for rare pieces. A 1930s era ‘John Rich & Bros’ Mackinaw jacket takes the cake for me. It’s a true testament to what we strive Two Guys Good Buys to represent. 

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