What do we mean when we say “Bike Sexy?” Well, we think biking is sexy. Getting around town on two wheels does it for us. It means to bike with confidence if you have a $20 Craigslist cruiser or a $2500 Trek Madone. Be proud that you’re doing something good for yourself and everyone else just by choosing to ride. It means having fun. Getting from here to there doesn’t have to be a chore. Enjoy the ride. Smile. Stand up on the pedals. Aim for the puddles, the dips, the curbs and ride like you don’t care what anyone thinks. Bike because of the way it makes you feel.

Bike Sexy. Do it. You’ll feel good after. Promise.

Bike Sexy Undie Bike Ride and Clothing Drive 2

Last Thursday Tiger! Tiger! was kind enough to let us host Bike Sexy: Undie Bike Ride & Clothing Drive 2. Our mission was to generate a clothing donation for Father Joe’s Village, ride the streets of North Park in our underpants & drink a whole bunch of beers each worth some $$$’s to the International Rescue Committee.

Once again we were humbled & blown away by the awesomeness of the bike community in Southern California. We had repeat riders from our first Undie Bike Ride adventure back in September, and plenty of new faces. We set up early in the back patio at Tiger! Tiger! And by set up we mean we moved a few tables & stools, borrowed some bins for clothing donations & let the ladies from Snap Happy SoCal set up their booth. Then we ordered a few beers. Tiger! Tiger! generously offered to donate 1$ for every beer we drank from Automatic Brewing Co.

Bike Sexy Undie Bike Ride and Clothing Drive 2The patio started filling up and people had clothing to donate. One enthusiastic young man really wanted to get into his underwear. Let’s just call him “Charlie” and he was the first to give the clothes right off his back. The wave began. Another rider just kept pulling layer after layer off. We guessed nine layers worth in all! Even more brought extra clothes in bags for us to donate. We ended up with a full Prius full. Which is a ton.

Right around 7pm we gathered in front of the bar. We were quite a sight to see. We represented a cross culture of the bike community. Someone else said it best when they said (paraphrasing) that the Undie Bike Ride was bringing Tribes together. All over SoCal small groups of bikers of various skills and goals ride everyday. Our hope is that by doing fun rides like this we can unite some of those tribes from time to time for a good cause, good beer and lots of good times. Also, good beer. Did we mention that?

Bike Sexy Undie Bike Ride and Clothing Drive 2

Around 7:15 we gave an enthusiastic group “YYEEEEWWWWWWW” and pushed off. Around the block and a left on 3oth we cruised the North Park to South Park strip and back. The air was cool but the excitement & energy of the ride kept us warm. Just past Modern Times we had a minor fall. As we see time and time again other riders quickly came to the rescue. Simultaneously, some late riders joined the party as we headed towards South Park.

There were riders on fixed gears, MTBs, DecoBikes, beach cruisers, road racers & every day hybrids. Some had even bought new to them bikes just for the ride! Super cool to thing that we inspired a few people to get back on the bike. The ride went quick. Almost too quick. We’re working on the logistics of these rides. They’ll only get better & more fine-tuned as we go.

Bike Sexy Undie Bike Ride and Clothing Drive 2

A few of us struggled on the hill between neighborhoods but everyone made it back just fine. Those struggles were quickly forgotten as beers were poured and the Snap Happy Girls fired up the photobooth. Things got a little nutty. We appreciate the age-old tradition of Photo Booth/Photo Subject Confidentiality so a few of you are off the hook. Though we did hear rumors of some new Undie Bike Ride friends finishing their night with a little skinny dipping in the Pacific.
(Editor’s Note: if you see an image you’re not cool with in the gallery let us know. We’ll remove it asap. Anything incriminating we immediately burned.” 

Bike Sexy Undie Bike Ride and Clothing Drive 2

Judging by the mountain of clothes, the smiles on everyone when we left  & the 70+ beers from Automatic we drank Undie Bike Ride & Clothing Drive 2 was a success. We can’t wait for the next one. We’re going to take off for the holidays, but mark your calendars for Valentines Week 2016. And maybe a Bathing Suit & Hawaiian Shirt Ride between now and then. Make sure to follow our social media for event updates or let us know to add you to our e-mail list.

Big THANK YOU’s to Tiger! Tiger! for hosting us. DecoBike for hooking up a few of our riders who didn’t have bikes or couldn’t get them to the ride. John (who coined “Bike Sexy”) for leading the crew & especially, all who made it out to the ride. You guys are fucking awesome. Taking your clothes off in a bar, getting on a bike & cruising the streets takes courage. All of you stepped up for a good cause and continue to inspire us to try to keep putting on fun events like this. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Keep Biking Sexy everyone.

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