Photo Credit: Adam Cole Barber

Last Thursday 30+ people met up at Iron Pig Alehouse in Pacific Beach. They shared a few beers, a basket of fries. Said “Hello” to friends & introduced themselves to soon to be new friends. Then they took off most of their clothing, donated it to Father Joe’s Village & set off on a bike ride around Pacific Beach & Mission Beach in first ever SoCal Sessions hosted Bike Sexy: Undie Bike Ride & Clothing Drive.

It was awesome. Seriously, if you weren’t there you missed out. If you were there, thank you for being super Badass. Truly.

Undie Bike Ride
Photo Credit: @DiscoverPB

The concept is simple. A group bike ride to benefit some sort of charity. The only difference is that the ride is done in your underwear. We don’t say that lightly. Getting undressed, in public, in front of strangers can be terrifying. It takes a certain kind of bravery to throw caution to the wind and let yourself be seen. More than 90 people RSVP’d but just over 30 showed up. Like we said, it can be a little scary.

Those thirty were rewarded. We set off as a group down the main drag of Garnett Ave. Almost immediately, people started to wave & shout. Cars honked. A couple of skateboarders whipped around and joined our cavalry. Over the next hour we toured the main drag, watched an incredible sunset from the boardwalk & cruised the bay path before ending back at the bar. Along the way our group stuck together. When someone fell behind there was someone to fall back with them & the rest slowed down. If a chain popped off a beach cruiser three other riders jumped off to help. Every time we encountered onlookers we’d get smiles, thumbs up & cheers. We may be crazy but it all seemed pretty positive.

Undie Bike Ride
Photo Credit: @Jenny Woudenberg via Facebook

The goal behind this first Bike Sexy: Undie Bike Ride was to have fun, promote a positive self-body image, and build a stronger bike community in San Diego. As for “Bike Sexy”, well, we think biking IS sexy. And while standing alone, partially clad having people looking at you may sound frightening, being in your undies as group, being confident and taking the road is empowering. Sometimes you get to control your narrative.

We think we succeeded in meeting all three of our goals. Plus, we got to drink beer. For this ride Ninkasi Brewing donated $1.00 for every one of their beers that were purchased during the event as part of their Pints For A Cause program. The money went directly to DiscoverPB to help fund new bike racks in Pacific Beach. Baja Bike Races donated racks for us to use when we got back. And we got to feel good about doing something fun. On Sunday we dropped of a ton of clothing to Father Joe’s Village.

View from the ride route.

The feedback from riders, on-lookers & future Undie Bike Riders has been pretty awesome. From people who want to help plan and participate in future rides to people posting to social media about their experience it has been overwhelmingly positive.

Undie Bike Ride


So positive, in fact, that we’ve already set some stones in motion to get another ride organized! Let’s make this a regular thing. Biking, doing good, having a good time and all in our Undies.

Bike Sexy Undie Bike Ride


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Were you on the ride? We’d love to hear about your experience or share your photos! Get in touch.

(Editor’s Note: This ride was absolutely inspired by a similar one in Pittsburgh. That group is awesome & if you find yourself there join in!)