Undie Bike Ride 3 Long Johns Edition was our first attempt at a winter undie ride. It started off like all the others. With a beer, and beautiful weather. This time we hosted at Quartyard in downtown SD, and were sipping on some ChuckAlek Brewing Cartographer India Pale Lagers.

Look who it is! SD Bike Party representing.

We had some support from the awesome folks at SD Mountain Bike Association and Jake’s Beard Oils for the ride so by the time we took that first sip we knew we wouldn’t be riding alone. By 7pm we had a crew of riders rolling on fixies, mountain bikes, hybrids, road bikes and even DecoBike’s bike share cruisers.

By 7:15pm all was dark and off we rolled. Down Park to J St. to get our feet wet. Then a long, slow, uphill cruise on 5th in the heart of the Gaslamp. There were hoots. There were hollers. There were plenty of stop signs.

Then a left on Ash St for a leisurely downhill and a break between neighborhoods. Little Italy where we hit a snag with the first ever Undie Bike Ride flat tire. By the time we got back to check on it everyone had pulled over, someone had the tire off and a new tube already being shoved into the tire. Undie Bikers don’t leave anyone behind. Then over to the waterfront past the harbor for some beautiful SD views before turning back onto G st through the Gaslamp and back under the warm lights of the Quartyard.


The Undie Bike Ride & it’s riders never cease to amaze me. Somehow, the people joining our fun little ride also happen to be the coolest people we’ve met. And we hear that over and over. “We loved the ride. The people were real, real cool.” “The best thing is the people…and being in our underwear.”

Awesome Bike Riders
This kids are so stoked to ride!

For this ride we generated a full car load of clothing for low income families in SD. Community Christian Services is helping us put them directly in the hands of those in need. We raised a cash donation of $120 by donating the profits from our Bike Sexy tees, and teaming with ChuckAlek brewing. That cash is going to support local bike groups, and Ms Hendrick’s Special Needs Class. Tangentially, while researching charities to help we stumbled on some local special needs kids that needed tricycles. We were able to help provide three tricycles for another special needs class in SD with help from donors, North Park Bikes and Schwinn Bicycles. You’re all effing awesome. Especially you Eddie.

Before this last ride we were considering an end to the rides. We were bummed when we had a hard time trying to find people who wanted our donations. The ride is enough work, stress and just enough of a time commitment to start to question it. Then through the help of past Undie Riders we found the right charities to support, and all of you showed up to ride. To support this thing we are doing. We realized that there was NO WAY we could end this Undie Bike train yet. Not only that, but we feel an obligation to make it better.

Most of us.

Our goals are big but attainable. Promote healthy body image. Help people. Have fun riding our bike. The only way for us to do that is to ask for some help.

We need your ideas for making the ride better. We need some help on the rides. Both during the planning phase, & day of. We are stoked to get your ideas. Our next ride is tentatively planned for late May back in Pacific Beach where it all started less than a year ago. We can’t wait to feel the ocean breeze on our skin, watch the sun set over the horizon and cheers a beer with you all.

Undie Bike Ride
Your Future. Undie Bike Ride 4 is coming. PC: @Jenny Woudenberg

So…Thank you. You’re cool. So super cool. I look forward to hearing from you, hearing your ideas and making the next Undie Bike Ride the best one yet. Until then, Bike Sexy everyone.