As the recent 3rd place Champion of an internet-based Beard Competition I received a bottle of Waffen Der Whiskerr Oil‘s “Beard 2Oh.” It showed up simple enough. No stickers or swag or throw ins. Just beard oil and a business card. Letting the oil stand alone. Letting the oil be the selling point. That’s a power move. We will be reviewing Beard 2Oh over the next two weeks. It takes that long of continued use to really start to get a feel for the effects the product will have with prolonged use. In an unprecedented move I’ve significantly trimmed my beard for this review. Well this review, and because sometimes trimming your own long beard is difficult. Just a slight slip with the clippers and your beard needs some major renovations. That said, it has been a week of short beard, no other oils & regular washing to prepare for this review.

Waffen Der Whiskerr
What a cluster fuck.

Waffen Der Whiskerr is German for “Weapon of the Whiskers.” I know because it says so on their on-line shop. That’s pretty badass. The oil comes in a 1 ounce brown glass jar with a spray top. The logo on the front is a “W” integrated with a beard that kind of reminds me of pizza. The jar feels solid, but the spray top is a little weird. I like to control the amount of oil that I’m using, and the spray top makes that more difficult. It feels a little more like cologne than beard oil.

Waffen Der Whiskerr

I cup my hand and pull the trigger. Sure enough, the first spray feathers out like a mist covering my palm. Just to see if it is consistent I press down on the trigger again, and the oil shoots out like a laser beam splattering off the middle of my palm. This is going to take some getting used too.

Waffen Der WhiskerrThe oil rolling around in my hand is medium viscosity. It rubs into my beard easily and leaves my hand feeling clean with minimal oily residue. That’s important since that hand will soon be used to text, type or use touch screens. More oil on your hands means more risk of damage to your screens. Even when I run my fingers back through my beard they stay clean. The oil is sticking to the hair bristles which is fucking nice. Often I use a thicker beard oil because I like the shine it leaves me with but excess oil is a problem. This beard oil seems like a really good middle ground that alleviates some of excess oil, but doesn’t dry out right away and need to be reapplied either.

Waffen Der WhiskerrWDW describes Beard 2Oh as “bold, clean, fresh fragrance that says yes I’m clean, come a little closer baby!” And that is pretty accurate. The smell is strong, really strong at first. It reminds me of my deodorant, Speed Stick Ocean Surf. I mean that as a compliment. In general, I don’t wear cologne but just rub some saw dust behind my ears so this is new territory for me. After the initial strength the smell dissipates some but still resonates if you get in close. If you are a bearded cologne wearer this could easily replace your going out cologne.

The business card says “Beard Tested Woman Approved” on it. Just to be sure I lean over my still sleeping Wife and say, “Smell me.” She blinks her eyes a few times and says, “What?”

“Smell me.” I say. She takes a deep whiff, and says, “You smell nice. I like it.” So we can legitimately say this has been woman approved. Over the next two weeks I’ll be asking random people, not just women, to smell me to make sure that it isn’t just my Wife that approves.

So far, so good. Check back later this week for Part 2 of this intense, in-depth, sometimes dangerous beard oil review.

Waffen Der Whiskerr
It’s short…but thick.

Waffen Der Whiskerr