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Over the past two weeks I’ve been wearing Waffen Der Whiskerr Beard Oil version Beard 2Oh every day. I put it on after each shower when my beard is still damp so it slips & slides around giving me better coverage. I can officially say that it is beard approved. It is light, long-lasting and my beard feels great. It is noticeably softer and feels cleaner than it did before. This is one of the better beard oils we’ve tested for SoCal Sessions.

Beard Scale of AwesomenessBut WDW doesn’t just claim to beard test worthy. It also claims to be “Women Approved.” To find out if that is true we gathered some ladies to put all the WDW scents, including one as yet unreleased beard oil, to the test. The results are part analytical, part anecdotal and all amazing. Our three ladies included a photo & film producer from Chicago, a Navy Officer from Louisville & an Occupational Therapist from San Diego.

There were seven different beard oils to smell so to keep things scientific each tester smelled a cup of coffee beans between each beard oil scent. We read on the internet that would help clear their smell palate and it seemed to work. Each scent was rated 1-6 on our Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness scale modified for beards (as shown).

Both the Unknown New Scent & Urban Lumberjack got high marks across the board. Followed closely by Beard 2Oh. Woodshed would have been one of the top scents except for a strong aversion from Trina as oWaffen Der Whiskerrpposed to the other Women who loved it. Tiki Beard scent brought on the most dramatic reactions. Both Trina & Meghan strongly disliked it as a beard oil but Betsy loved it with a caveat: “Tiki Beard is more of a 1-Night Stand guy. And Woodshed is like someone you date. And go to country music concerts with, and drink beer with on Sundays…and someone you watch chop down trees.” Here is the full results chart.

Waffen Der Whiskerr Beard Test

Pretty intense stuff. I think we can agree that Beard 2Oh, Woodshed, Urban Lumberjack and the new scent are, in fact, “Women Approved.” The other scents may require the right women. In addition to the scents tested Waffen Der Whiskerr also offers “John Doe,” a scent-less beard oil for people who may have smell allergies or prefer to wear cologne and don’t want the conflicting scent. According to Matt, the founder of WDW, John Doe can also be used as a skin oil for after tattoo care or even eczema or psoriasis. All of the oils are high in Vitamin A which helps moisturize skin and hair.

Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness

I am giving Waffen Der Whiskerr’s Beard 2Oh a strong 4 on the Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness Scale. It is definitely a good beard oil and worth checking out. My beard feels clean, healthy and softer. Over an extended use the positive effects were noticeable. Grey BeardEven after a few days my beard started to respond. I dislike the spray cap for function and Beard 2Oh’s scent was too cologne-like for my taste. It is priced comparably (if not a little less) to other hand-crafted beard oils at $14 per ounce, but because you can buy it buy just an ounce you aren’t breaking the bank to experiment a bit and find the scent that suits you. I’m going to move on to something a little more my style like Urban Lumberjack or Woodshed. Thanks to the guys at Beardaholic for hooking us up with our first bottle of Beard 2Oh. Not only did we discover a new beard oil, but we learned that there are more grey hairs in our beard than we thought.

You can learn more or purchase all of Waffen Der Whiskerr’s scents here.

Waffen Der Whiskerr