• If you missed it check out PART 1 of our Waffen Der Whiskerr Beard Oil review.

After a week of using Waffen Der Whiskerr Beard 2oh I’m feeling pretty good about it. Even after only a few days in my beard felt softer, cleaner and lighter than it has with other oils. It goes on fairly dry, and leaves your beard looking soft & clean not shiny. In the past, I’ve personally liked thick, shiny oils. My beard is like my peacock feathers. It was unexpected that I’d like this visually more subtle beard oil. The major appeal is how it instantly conditions my slept-in, dried out beard and makes it soft to the touch.

The cologne smell that accompanies this oil isn’t really my style, at least at first. It is strong out of the bottle, but that strength dissipates quickly. It leaves a light smell that lasts the entirety of the day. It is pleasant, and I can tell you that the lady in my life has responded well to it. Nuzzling in the afternoon has become more commonplace this week. I still feel like I’m wearing cologne which if you already wear cologne AND beard oil you could save some money and just rock Beard 2Oh.

Waffen Der Whiskerr Beard Oil
Before and after application. No visual difference.

As I anticipated, the spray top is just weird for a beard oil. It comes out too strong, and not always in a consistent amount. It does however come out in a smaller amount so you don’t really need to worry about over pouring beard oil into your hand. I use two sprays of oil in the morning, and occasionally, I’d add one in the afternoon if I planned on being out or I showered again in the afternoon. The rest of the bottle components are top notch and feel very professional.

Waffen Der Whiskerr Beard OilThe carrier oils here are jojoba, coconut, hemp seed, and in a bit of a surprise, apricot oil. I’ve never seen apricot listed on a beard oil I’ve used and I wonder what that particular carrier oil brings to the table.

I had a chance to interview Waffen Der Whiskerr’s founder, Matt Beaton, this week to get some background on how this beard oil came to be, and what is on the horizon.

Lightning Bolt of Awesomeness

SoCal Sessions: What is you own, personal style of beard & how long have you been rocking the beard?
Matt Beaton: I have always rocked the full beard natural. I have been bearded for over 5 years including two restarts. Currently, my new beard is 8 months old.

Matt Beaton Beard
©PD Murphy Photography 2015

SoCal Sessions: Why start making & selling your own beard oil?
Matt Beaton: I was inspired by Dream Beard and Grave before Shave. I saw starting this company as a way to fund my travels to various beard competitions. Then it started to grow into something more than I ever imagined.

SoCal Sessions: How did you develop your beard oil recipes?
Matt Beaton: The recipes started as research based on each oils properties and how they would benefit one’s beard. That was the easy part. Then came the mixing and blending. That was all trial and error to see what oils would or would not mix with others.

SoCal Sessions: What would you say your greatest beard-related achievement has been?
Matt Beaton: Just having a beard and being able to help raise money for charities is the best achievement I can think of.

SoCal Sessions: If you were stranded on a desert island and could only drink one beer that happened to be stashed there for the rest of your life…what would that be?
Matt Beaton: I would have to say Miller Lite or PBR.

SoCal Sessions: What’s on the horizon for Waffen Der Whiskerr Oil? 
Matt Beaton: 4 oz bottles of oil are coming, and after much research and trial and error, there is a beard balm in the very near future. All the art work for the labels are being created now.Lightning Bolt of Awesomeness

We’re going to keep up our daily regimen of Beard 2Oh and give it a final grade on the Lightning Bolts of Awesomeness scale next week. Right now things are looking good.

Also, Waffen Der Whisker Co. was kind enough to send us some samples of their other beard oil products including some that haven’t been released yet. WDW claims to be “Beard Tested Women Approved.” So as part of the final review we’ve rounded up a few ladies to smell all the samples and give us a thumbs up or thumbs down and provide some commentary on what women look for in bearded men & the beard oils they wear. Something to look forward too.