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Words by Ryan Allan.

Strava is all the rage. It tracks your stats: speed, distance, route. You can join a “challenge” and compete against other users. You can see other user’s public stats. If you upgrade to the premium you can get crazy in-depth, and see your heart rate analysis, local “heat maps” (most ridden routes) and something called “Power Data Analysis.”

Strava MemeEveryone is doing it. EVERYONE. At least that is what Strava users will have you believe. Once you Strava you can share your stats not just with Strava, but with every social media ever made probably. I can see that you road 21 miles at 10 mph in a loop on Facebook. I can see it on Instagram…Twitter…Snapchat…your StravaLover blog. I’m assuming there is a Strava Singles App I could see it on too.

I ride everyday, and almost every conversation with another bicyclist lately has led to to some interaction about following them on Strava or how Strava has changed their life. And then I say, “I don’t Strava.”

Velodrome at Balboa Park

I can see the confusion flood their face. “What?” they say, “But why? Did you know about Challenges?”


“Did you know about the Hot Routes?”


“But you can track your heart rate! Did you know that?!”


“THEN WHY DON’T YOU STRAVA!” they shout.

Because I just fucking don’t.

I ride for fun, to get groceries, avoid having to sit in traffic. I don’t need to keep track. Please stop asking.

Ryan Allan on A bicycle

***Editor’s Note: There is nothing wrong with Strava as an app. But like crossfit or being vegan please just let it be part of YOUR life. Not everyones. Thank you.