Words and Photos by Thornton Dale

This morning I stumbled into Hoppy Yoga at the Green Flash Brewery in Mira Mesa where San Diegans who enjoy both yoga and craft beer can meet up every Sunday for a yoga class and a pint (or a flight!). Founders Mia Sabatino and Lynn Officer started hosting Hoppy Yoga classes at local area breweries about two years ago. Each weekend a Saturday morning class is hosted at a different brewery in the San Diego area, and on Sundays for the past year they’ve been hosting a 10:30 class at Green Flash.

Today was my first time at Green Flash and my first yoga class, Hoppy Yoga 101. I came into the class nervous, hung over and worried that people would notice that I have no idea what the hell I’m doing and judge me. However I was pleasantly surprised. We started the class out with a brief introduction to the person beside us, which I thought was nice little icebreaker. After making our way through some warm up exercises or stretches if you may, we worked our way into the session that lasted a whole hour and fifteen minutes, in which we went into different stretches and yoga poses.

Hoppy Yoga

The workout wasn’t as hard as I expected  (probably due to my shitty form) but at some points throughout the class all I was thinking about was how I was going to earn a freshly poured craft beer after I endured the exercises. Kind of like in Little League baseball where no matter how bad I did I was guaranteed a ticket to use at the concession stand after the game, except now I’m in my mid-20’s doing yoga and I’m getting a beer to bite the hair of the dog at Noon on a Sunday. Overall, I think that this was the best introduction to yoga. The setting is especially bad-ass, and the people were warm and putting off welcoming vibes to me as a first-timer.

Hoppy Yoga

If your significant other has been asking you to do yoga like mine has and if you don’t have plans on a Sunday morning, I recommend heading up to Mira Mesa for Hoppy Yoga at Green Flash. It’s a mellow, judge-free class that is great for a first-timer or even those who are more experienced. Hoppy Yoga is also a great way to get a work out in and enjoy a cold beer with some cool people. Classes are $15 per session and include a pour; you can also purchase class packages online at hoppyyoga.com.

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